What is The Judgement?

The Judgement is a new virtual reality trap set under the world of Jafar. Created by the company: Furrywings, Jafar was a virtual reality game where players could meet and enjoy challenging quests. However signing in one day, Ford discovers something awfully wrong with the game and is dropped into to a death match created below the game of Jafar. The only twist, if he dies in the this game, he also dies in real life.

### Extract from the Dolosphere manual ###

Hello and thank you for buying the Dolosphere! We are proud to announce it as the first revolutionary in-depth virtual reality headset that players are required to wear to get into the game of Jafar! Our technology allows for players to experience the virtually created world as if they were in their own world, sending the players into a perfectly safe catatonic state where brainwaves are relocated to answer to the Dolosphere. We at the Dolo headquarters have teamed up with FurryWings to unleash the most extensive VR game ever released boasting a yottabyte of sensually augmented information ensuring the Jafar is as authentic as possible.

The Dolosphere requires a high intake of power (220-240 volts) and (0.1-0.5 amps)


Join Ford as he explores this newly created world and fights for his life within The Judgement unraveling darker secrets of the game which offers more questions than answers.