Chapter 33 – Hannah

Two figures stood there illuminated by the light of the suitcase. Their expressions seemed featureless and the movements seemed to jolt as if electricity was convulsing through their bodies.

“Alex! Saul! What..” Darvi heard Zoe say. “I thought you were dead!” The figures didn’t respond, they continued to shuffle further and further into the light until it caught their eyes. Their white eyes.

Darvi took in the situation. Blood still dripped from their raw fingers. He had seen enough movies to understand the situation and theoretically he hypothesised it was possible. “I think they are still dead.”

Zoe turned to him before turning back and looking at them closer. They both had Dolosphere headpieces on and seemed unresponsive to external stimulus. “Zombies”
She uttered underneath her breath.

Darvi strategised. They were blocking the exit which meant they were here to stall them or… They were here to detonate the explosives if the timer failed. A reanimated corpse remotely controlled would have a million uses. He observed them as they stumbled forward towards them. The reanimation was clearly incomplete but as he watched the movements became more and more fluid. ‘Why?’ Because there is too much power being transferred elsewhere.

“He’s had to reanimate every corpse attached to the Dolosphere to locate these two!” He said out loud excited. He could feel Zoe’s body trembling in her arms and he readjusted his view. They were about twenty meters away from them but their speed had already doubled.

“Now now, poor little Zoe. Don’t you cry. Your precious little Alex is going to sing you a lullaby” said Gregorz through Alex.

“Don’t you dare!” Zoe screamed, tears streaming down her face. “You have no right to touch them.”

“Oh don’t I? Yet you’re the reason they died. You could have stopped them, you could have convinced them to stay. They trusted you. They respected you!” Saul said, the words slurred but it had the desired affect on Zoe. She collapsed on the floor, her emotions overcoming her.

“Dero was a fool. Do you know the potential he could have unlocked with these devices? The control he could have over an entire population? The power he had in his hands. With this I have become God.”

“Men weren’t made to be Gods” Darvi shouted. “We aren’t meant to be controlled.”

“Don’t you understand? Humans have always been ruled whether it’s through democracy, global economics or war.” Saul’s reanimated face was contorted into a chuckle. “Darvi, humans were created to submit. Only very few of us have the potential to truly create and each one of them have been revered by time. Da Vinci, Darwin, Einstein, Cogdolo and now it’s is us. You and I are the architects of this generation and with the Dolosphere, the whole world is our canvas.”

“With mindless slavery and human suffrage being our ink? I’d rather be under the bus with there rest of your mindless lackeys”

“So be it”

Then the zombies began to run.


The person who turned round had ice white hair, different colour eyes and looked like Pyrra. The only different was that half her face was robotised. Ford was speechless. She wasn’t real!?

“Program: yottabyte rendering and RAW data application. P.Y.R.R.A.” She said solemnly. Her voice soothed him but the shock was too much for Ford. He clenched his heart and sunk to one knee. He had fallen in love with a lie.

“No, I don’t care what you are. You are real and true and the Pyrra I know is in there.” Ford said ignoring the pain in his arm and heart. He noticed a flicker of emotion flutter across her face as he spoke.

“I lost Hannah due to my incompetence. I won’t lose you too.”

“You’re incompetence created me.” She said bluntly. She stood to one side and the fragile glass that governed Ford’s sanity exploded, showering him once again with the tendrils of lunacy.

What laid behind her was a glass room with a recreation of a hospital room with one bed. A small girl lay on the bed with wires attached to her in hundreds of places. Her eyes were closed and her face was gaunt as she hadn’t left the bed in years.

A whisper escaped Ford’s dry throat. One that he nearly choked on.



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