Chapter 32 – Extinction

Darvi knew where to look. He had previously downloaded a whole blueprint of the Gherkin while he was rummaging around in Dero’s system and there was a faint signal emitting from the basement. That had to be Zoe.

He limped down the stairs one by one slowly, trying to regain his strength bit by bit, stumbling on the last stairs and crashing into the wall be retaining his balance. He could of taken the elevator he thought briefly to himself as he cursed the physical assertion required in the task ahead. Of course he couldn’t. It was be too simple minded and too much of an obvious trap. Gregorz could just deactivate them or cut them easily if he was plugged into the Dolosphere and they were well aware that Gregorz was trying to kill them. Only an idiot wouldn’t take the stairs.


The bland jazz jingle of the elevator annoyed Ford as he took a momentary pit stop to fix his wound. He pulled off his shirt and wrapped it round his shoulder tightly, cutting off the blood flow and preventing him from bleeding out. The ache resided ferociously but he rose above that. This may be a one way street for him.

The elevator slowed and he saw the lights dim. He felt suddenly aware how trapped he was in the dangling metal box. The doors then opened, and he stealthily made his way out of the metal coffin. There was a figure ahead standing in front of him staring into a glass room. Ford couldn’t see past the silhouette but he could see the neon white lights that emitted from that room. He guessed it was the database.

Ford began walking forward.


He knew that voice.

“Don’t come any closer”.

“Pyrra?” He asked. There was no reply. “Pyrra I’ve come to-”

“To what? Rescue me? Don’t be so childish.” Her voice sounded angry and upset. She leant forward and put her hands in front of her face. “Don’t you get it! I can’t leave.”

“I don’t understand..” Ford said slowly pacing carefully.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

“See you like wh-”

Then Pyrra turned round.


Darvi found the door eventually. It was jammed shut with a crowbar. As he dislodged it he heard movement from behind the door. He opened the door and a ferocious animal leapt at he winding him with a jab to throat and landing on top of him.

“Whoa whoa whoa it’s me.” Darvi said as the figure stopped clawing at him.

“Darvi!?” The figure said surprised. “Oh god it is you!” She kissed him on the mouth and hugged him until his cheeks went red. “I thought you were-”

“Gregorz? I guessed. He should be upstairs by the mainframe. Ford’s gone to deal with him.”

“Alone?! Are you mad? The man’s a murderer! Did you not see the corpses in the pods back there?”

“What corpses?”



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