ChAPT – £! RUIN#@Ation

Zoe didn’t know what was happening outside. She first panicked thinking the explosives had gone off but after the tremors had stopped she discarded theory. What followed sounded like hail and then a cacophony of gunshots. She held her position she had assumed, of hiding under the desk as she felt somewhat safe their from the war zone that was happening outside the Dero tower.

She looked at the timer on the explosives. It was down to half: 30 mins. She began making her farewell message should the worst come to pass.


Ford swore to himself that he would make Darvi explain how and what he had just done. Every gun in the vicinity went off in unison. The trained men didn’t know how to deal with it as they were under the illusion that their guns had been possessed. Some threw them on the ground and ran. Some of them got shot as they failed to repress the recoil and some just shot into the sky shattering the windows of the Gherkin making it shower glass.

Then came phase two. The drone started targeting anyone firing and hunted down the soldiers with prejudice. It two what felt like 5 minutes for the men to adjust their aim to the floating robot and take it down. Of course it wasn’t just as easy as that. They were also tasked with avoiding phase three. All the vehicles turned on and began driving manically around the men each taking turns to explode when near a poorly equipped victim.

Ford watched the already pale Darvi begin to shake from exertion as he performed all this, the strain taking an immense toll on him. He cut off the connection when a grenade was detonated in conjunction with a car exploding making the whole building shatter and shake. He fell to the floor unplugging the Dolosphere and panting. Ford waited for the last bullets to finish ringing before he made his move. The force from before had been decimated and only a few soldiers remained able to fight. Ford went for them.

Sliding over the police cars bonnet he kicked one of the soldiers in the knees and finished him off with a round house to the head. The other four then converged on him. The first one drew a Bowie knife and Fords remembered the thugs he had confronted before. He would not lose again. Still connected to the Dolosphere, Ford’s movements were fluid and accurate as if the machine accentuated his physical body, adding extra force and speed to each strike.

He disable the second soldier with a rapid succession of jabs while dodging the swings gracefully. The opponent was well trained and swung with precision but he lacked drive, he lacked motivation. He lacked purpose. He winded his opponent and then broke his arm barrel rolling over his back and using the momentum to throw him against the next approaching henchmen. They both tumbled onto the burnt out car and the third soldier’s vest caught fire.

That left the last one who had seen all this and avoided in engaging in hand to hand combat but instead pulled out a glock. He held it in front of him professionally and fired twice. Time seemed to slow as the bullets travelled before him and Ford couldn’t help but think of the reference this had to Neo. He however failed to do anything super fancy like dodging them supernaturally. All he could do was watch them as one missed and the other found its mark striking him in the shoulder.

The pain spread throughout his body and into his mind launching him out of his fazed state. The third bullet never came. The gun exploded in the man’s hand disarming him and Ford followed through with an elbow to the face. He then turned round to Darvi who had plugged himself back into the computer. He smiled and retrieved him from his pained state on the floor, helping him hobble into the building, wincing whenever pressure was put on his shoulder.

“The fuzz will be here any minute” Ford said dropping Darvi by a terminal stall. “We need to get Zoe out and close The Judgement.”

“It’s not going to be that easy..” Darvi said struggling to breathe. “We need to prevent these explosives going off.” He coughed. “Leave me with that. You need to go to the source of the signal which is at the archives. That should be the most integral safe part of the building.”

“The Center?”

“Bingo!” Darvi smiled which turned sour quickly. “It’s probably where Gregorz is residing”

“Leave him to me. He made this personal.” Ford replied ominously.

“Good luck.” Darvi said struggling to his feet. “Keep in touch.” Tapping the Dolosphere.

“You too”. They grasped each other’s by the arm and said no more.


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